Klaus Fricke - Unternehmensberatung
  Klaus Fricke - Unternehmensberatung  


Voltastr. 11
D-12623 Berlin

Telefon:  +49 30 56 59 14 40
Mobil:    +49 160 96 35 66 58
Telefax:  +49 30 56 59 17 06



  Klaus Fricke    

Management Consulting

HR Consulting

Lecture: "Success Factors Automotive Suppliers"

Automotive News Award










Klaus Fricke




Klaus Fricke - Unternehmensberatung





Business areas

Management Consulting
Marketing' Sales
Organizational Development
HR / Integration Management
Public Relations
Interim Management


Automotive Industry
Small and medium-sized Companies [Industry
Trade, Services]
Private Equity Companies


Executives, Experts / Projectmanager
Supervisory Boards / Advisory Boards





Banker / graduate of Business Administration

35 years' professional experience in the
automotive industry [manufacturers, importers,
trade, component suppliers, financial services]

• 21 years with German premium
   manufacturers [Daimler, BMW]

• 30 years' managerial responsibility as
   sales/branch/marketing executive, managing director,

Personal Award from the trade journal
>>Automotive NEWS<< (Eurostar) for success in
marketing / sales in 2000

Many years' experience on supervisory and advisory
boards in small and medium-sized companies

Member of Board of VDIK [Association of
German Vehicle Importers] in 2003/2004

Lectures at universities [e.g. IESE Business
School, Institute of the Automotive Industry], for
trade journals [AUTOHAUS, Handelsblatt], at
institutions [ZDK Central Association of German
Vehicle Trade, EUROTAX etc.], book articles

Publisher of „Automotive Perspektive“